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Computer searches: * searches based on information provided relating to name and date of birth with no investigative verification.

DMV Auto search by plate number or VIN $15.00, by driver's License number $32.00

Statewide name search criminal search includes disposition of cases $32.00

USA (National Search) by name criminal cases includes disposition where available $32.00

County name Criminal search includes disposition where available $32.00

NC Driver's License History with disposition covers the last 3 to 7 years $32.00

North Carolina Civil searches no verification:

Statewide or County searches includes disposition where available $32.00

Comprehensive computer background checks

We check their criminal history, civil judgments and liens, prior address history where available, property history summary, marriage information where available. Verification of the information is attempted by expending investigative time $130.00

Full background check:

We need to talk with you to see what information you have and the information you need to give a cost estimate on this type investigation. A field investigation into the background of the person may occur to confirm information obtained. Interviews of people with information relating to the person the background investigation is conducted on normally occurs. This type of investigation is normally conducted if the person is about to be employed by you and handles money or is in a management position or other high position of trust. This type investigation may also occur if you are seeking employment with a government agency or are about to enter a partnership or other business agreement with someone you don't know very well. This type investigation can take place with or without the consent of the person the background is performed on. It is important to remember that when you conduct an investigation without the consent of the person most of the information available will come from information found in public files relating to that person. We have employee authorization release forms available. The information in this type background check has undergone attempts to verify the information.